Group travel chat: Georgette Blau of On Location Tours

New York City has played a leading role is some of Hollywood’s biggest films and TV shows. Whether you adored Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City or you laughed hysterically during the diner scene in When Harry met Sally, chances are you’ve seen the Big Apple on screen.

On Location Tours set out to show not only NYC’s biggest movie locations, but also Boston’s when they launched in 1999. In an interview, founder and president Georgette Blau, talked to me about her experience traveling with friends and family and what famous person she’d like to have a as a travel partner.

Tell us about one of your favorite group travel experiences

I took a really fun vacation with a few friends to Hungary. My parents are from Hungary, so I was able to see the country from more of a tourist’s perspective.

Where do you think would be the ideal destination for groups to travel to and why?

I think Key West is ideal, because it has a combination of history, great restaurants, and beaches. I’m also, of course, bias to New York!

What is one tip you have to traveling with other people?

I would recommend discussing in advance and see what people want to see and what they want out of their trip.

Who is a random person you’d like to go on a trip with? Why him or her, where would you go and what would you do? Famous, real, dead or alive, it can be absolutely anyone.

I am a big fan of the actor Liev Schreiber (okay, I have a little crush), so I would love to take a trip with him (if my husband doesn’t mind). I also think that he would pick interesting locales to visit.

What is one annoyance you have with traveling with other people?

I really like to do things on my own time, and I feel that when I travel with others, I often feel rushed.

Thanks for speaking with us Georgette!