6 Essential Road Trip Items

Road trips are always a ton of fun: friends, family, games, and fun stops on the way. But, if you’re heading out on the road any time soon, make sure you don’t forget any of these essential road trip items!

1. Camera:

Most likely, if you’re going on a road trip you’re going to see and experience new places. Make sure your camera is charged so you can document all of the cool new things you’ll be seeing! If you don’t have a camera, your iPhone works just as well, of course.

2. Music:

Before you even put your key in the ignition, you should make sure you have a few playlists ready for the road! You can even have everyone in the car make their own playlists, and then take turns playing each one. Music can definitely lighten up anyone’s mood and keep the fun going on long trips!

3. Snacks:

If you can fit coolers in your car, you should definitely do it. If you don’t bring snacks and drinks for the road, you will have to keep stopping and end up spending a ton of money. Of course, it’s always fun to stop at different restaurants along the road, but you don’t want to spend all your gas money on food!

4. GPS:

You can either use your phone or a GPS to navigate your way to your destination. Either way, you’ll probably need one of them to make sure you don’t get lost!

5. Phone charger:

I would definitely pack a portable phone charger or two for the ride. Most people are on their phones 24/7, so you’re bound to run out of battery! They also make cases that charge your phone as well, so that might be a good idea for a road trip.

6. Good friends:

A road trip wouldn’t be any fun without good company. Enjoy!