3 sites for a fun-filled trip to Britain

Going for a holiday is fun, provided you choose the best destination and take care of all the important elements involved in it, such as buying air tickets, booking hotels, arranging for transport and many others.

The perfect destination for holiday is definitely the UK. It’s a combination of history, culture and scenic beauty. Here are some of the places which you should not miss in when travelling in Britain.

London Eye:

A trip to Britain will be incomplete if you do not visit the London Eye. The London Eye, also known as Millennium Wheel is the primary attraction in Britain that allows you to have a great 360 degree view over the scenic beauty of London. The London Eye is the ideal place if you want to spend time enjoying the bird’s eye view of London. The wheel rotates at 26cm per second, so passengers can walk freely inside the capsules without worrying about falling over!

Madame Tussauds:

If you want to get up close and personal with your favourite celebrities, then paying a visit to Madame Tussauds is must. It’s a wax museum in London with branches in a number of major cities. It is a famous tourist attraction with a display of waxworks of historical and royal figures like Prince Harry and the Queen herself, film stars like Johnny Depp and sports stars like David Beckham.

If you’re planning on doing the London Eye and visiting Madame Tussauds, you can get a small discount if you purchase entry tickets together rather than separately.

British Museum:

If you want to go back to the pre-historic era, then British Museum should definitely be on your itinerary. The world famous British Museum exhibits art, architecture and sculpture that reflect not only the pre-historic era but the modern time as well. It has a collection of over 8 million works that narrate the story of human history and culture. The museum was established in the year 1753 and has been successfully attracting over hundreds and thousands of visitors each year. The primary attractions in this museum include the Rosetta stone, the Parthenon Sculptures and the mummies in the ancient Egypt collection.

Visiting to these above places would be really fun and exciting!

About the Author:

Mary James is a travel writer and travel lover. She write son behalf of the Caravan Club, which sells used caravans and motorhomes for vacations. Mary notes, “Buying a caravan would also be a great option if you’re experiencing wanderlust as you get a plenty of opportunity to travel around and don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.”