Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations

Well, well, well! Did you recently get married? Did you delay your honeymoon? Whatever the reason, we all know that a honeymoon is one of the most significant holidays for all couples — especially after all the stress of planning a wedding. Nonetheless, coming up with the best destination for your honeymoon can be another headache. That’s why I am here to help you out in making a critical decision. Here is my list of the ultimate honeymoon destinations across the globe.

1. Hawaii, land of amazing beaches:

Hawaii is composed of a wide range of phenomenal and stunning islands that are perfect for honeymooners. The ultimate romantic visit can start in any of the islands, but the Big Island is preferable because it is less crowded. The tropical waterfalls, beautiful green landscapes with meadows, and thick rich forests are excellent for a honeymoon hike. The Kilauea Volcano craters and Kohala Island are also must go places in Hawaii.

2. Bora Bora:

Bora Bora is continually ranked as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. One of the reasons is its calm atmosphere and romantic scenery. Bora Bora is relatively quiet and will make you truly feel alone with your spouse. So check out the beautiful powdered beaches!

3. The Caribbean Islands

Oh yes, I have decided to pick an island again. Islands are the most visited honeymoon destinations for a reason – they are beautiful and quiet. Another great way to see the Caribbean Islands is to take a cruise.

4. Paris, the lovers point

Paris has long been known as the honeymoon (and lovers) capital of the world. One reason is the famous and beautiful Eiffel Tower as well as the warmth and affection the city and its people provide visitors. Just sit near the Eiffel Tower bask at sunset and watch the lights flush up. It is truly romantic.

5. Tahiti

It is the largest of all islands in French Polynesia and it can only be described as PARADISE. Check out the thatched roofed huts and clear Coral Sea beaches. It is calm, stunning and friendly, and has amazing food. Perfection!

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