Top five kid attractions in Greece

So you’re thinking of going on holiday as a family in Greece but as we know it’s easy for kids to get bored whether you’re lying on a beach or having a chilled out day in the apartment you’ll need a few places to keep the kids entertained whilst on holiday. They’re many places in Greece which kids will love so sit back and carry on reading through the Top five kid attractions in Greece.

Aqualand, Corfu

If you end up going to Corfu as a family it’s essential that you visit Aqualand which is one of the best water parks in Europe and without a doubt you’ll be splashing your way through more than 36 water slides from the thrilling 24m free fall waterslide experiencing extreme adrenaline to the relaxing 350m long lazy river and what’s great about the water park is that they have three areas a children’s area for 4-8 year olds, a family area 8 years old + and an extreme games area for 12 years old + even if you have a child younger than 4 they get in free so they really do know how to let people have fun here in Aqualand. It’s open from 12th of May until mid October which is a good time to be open considering summer school holidays and the times of open and closing are 10am till 6pm giving you plenty of time to explore the park.

Whenever you go on holiday as a family it’s very often that people look for theme parks and the Allou Fun Park is a theme park open 365 days a year all days of the week (including public holidays). In terms of rides they’re plenty to choose from whether it’s the shock tower rising at 40 feet until dropping near the ground in 3 seconds or the crazy Big Apple rollercoaster twisting and turning. If you’re in need for some grub then there’s no need to worry with the likes of Grillizo who serve scrumptious steaks, sizzling steaks and tasty burgers on the grill if that’s not your kettle of fish then head over to Fritas who serve crispy corn chips with melted cheese and bacon.

Aegean Flying Dolphins, Athens

The Aegean Flying Dolphins have been operating in Greece since the end of 2006 and they’re a total of 4 boats which leave from the port of Piraeus which is in the capital city of Greece Athens and then travel to the islands of Argosaronikos to experience Aegina which takes 40 minutes to get there by the flying dolphin and Aegina is a nice little place whether you want to visit some shops with your kids or just relax on the beach. The kids will love travelling around on the Flying Dolphins it’s just something different to experience and the other small island you can visit if Agistri which is just simply beautiful from the crystal clear blue waters to the old fishing village of Limenaria.

Nydri Waterfalls, Lekfada

The Nidri Waterfalls are found in a village called Nydri in Lefkada and through this village you’ll find a road which leads to the Nydri waterfalls but do remember to wear sensible shoes as it will be steep and slippery at times. They’re great spots to take fantastic family photos whether you’re standing by the waterfall or having a family photo with the village in the background this is a great place for families. The waterfalls will remind you of paradise and where they are located is ideal as you can have a swim in the shallow pool next to the waterfalls so whether you want to cool off after a nice long walk or just have a swim, the Nydri Waterfalls are one of nature’s beautiful creations.

Melisanni Cave, Kefalonia

The Melisanni Cave is a place you will not forget it is a cave found on the island of Kefalonia and don’t worry you don’t swim around in the cave you get a rowing boat which the kids will enjoy. You get about 10-15 minutes time to explore the cave which should be enough time and with the sun beaming down through the top of the cave you’ll see how crystal clear the water actually is. You have a guide to help you tell you history about the cave and they’re fish to be found in the cave so do keep your eye out for marine life.

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