Italy – The Crown Jewel of Europe

Everyone should visit Italy, which is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

While Europe is jam-packed with numerous once-in-a-life-time kind of holiday destination, Italy is unquestionably the most trending destination of all. When it comes about revealing the hottest tourist attractions of the country, the biggest challenge is it’s rare to find something that we don’t love about this charismatic European country.

This boot-shaped Italian peninsula is world-famous for its art treasure, chic fashion, picture-perfect landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine and of course its friendly locals. Every region of the country has its own array of irresistible attractions and thrives on a unique persona that makes one fall head over heels.

There is something special for everyone!

From the stunning Italian Riviera and the Grand Canal of Venice in the North to the heart-stopping Amalfi Coast and Pompeii remnants in South, majestic places are dotted all across the country.

Italy boasts of the highest number of UNESCO rewarded sites in the whole world that speaks in volume about the country’s top position in the tourism world since ages. Historical monuments and masterpieces of great artists are found all over the country.

There won’t be any hype if I say Italy has a treasure trove of art. However, the country has much more! It is home to picturesque alpine lakes, magnificent mountains and breathtaking coasts.

At the heart of this boot-shaped Italian Peninsula is the capital city Rome showing off its many centuries old relics and amazing cultural scenes. Central Italy region is home to another most popular and most visited destination of the country – Tuscany. Florence, Tuscan capital, is the birthplace of the Renaissance in Italy.

Hottest destinations and things to do

The country has so much on offer for the avid travelers that you may need a lifetime to explore all. However, there are some must-try experience such as treating the taste bud with the Italian gelato, sipping a finest quality of locally produced wine, visiting St. Peter’s Basilica and Colosseum in Rome, enjoying a gondola ride in Venice and exploring the art scenes in Florence.

Similarly, there are some Italian destinations that you can’t afford to miss during your trip to the country; Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terre, Genoa, Siena, Naples and Pisa are 10 must-see places of this incredibly beautiful country.

Mingle with the locals!

The locals in Italy are known for their laid-back lifestyle and zeal for the life. Their impeccable fashion sense and great love for food as well as wine is visible easily if you are there in the country.

Get around

And to your great fortune the country thrives on an excellent road network; and all parts of the country can be easily reached by bus, car and train.

Where to stay?

From the luxury hotels, resorts, beautiful villas to budget apartments and cozy country houses, Italy features a huge assortment of holiday accommodation. Villas Italy, location villas Italie, is a unique alternative of run of the mill accommodation in the country. Italy vacation rentals, location vacances italie, can be booked online easily and quickly.

So, when are you leaving for the trip?

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