How traveling landed me a writing job

Traveling, for me, is the greatest escape from all the stress of studying and working. That was my main reason for traveling when I worked as a web developer. Eventually, I realized that my traveling addiction could be more and was an opportunity to experience more of life..

I never thought that through this passion for travel, I would find a career.  Now, I am a travel writer and writing freelance pieces on places I love. I love to build websites but I’ve never been as happy as I am now. I love writing about travel, culture, food, lifestyles, arts, health, education even how-to tips.

Here’s how traveling landed me a writing job.

Love the Information Overload

I go places, meet people, adjust to different traditions, and taste different foods. Doing all of this gives me a lot of information. I want to share it all and these experience inspire me to write. So, take it all in!

At first, I was a hesitant to write and afraid of being ignored. Now, with enough knowledge and experience I am confident to write about travel, places, budget, food, and more.

Look for Culture Diversity

Being exposed to different cultures – new education and arts – opens our imaginative minds and is inspiring.

You also never know where you’ll find inspiration.

I once visited a place called Magna in Sheffield. It is a Science museum its best attraction is about the history of steel. I was surprised how wonderful this exhibit was with sights and sounds as well as fascinating hands-on activities. The center is divided into five pavillions: earth, air, fire, water and power. It was amazing to learn how a steel mill once worked and the science behind it.

This experience made me realize the power of creativity. It also made me realize how many interesting places there are to write about.

Keep a Journal

Most travelers used to take notes by hand and write in their journals during trips. Technology has changed that, but taking notes is still very important. Journaling helps capture the sites and sounds around you and provides future inspiration.

Build new Networks

One of the best parts of travelling is meeting new people with similar passions. I’ve met students, teachers, bloggers, artists and writers. This is not only fascinating, but can inspire and open up career opportunities. I learned early on that most writers are travelers – seeing new sites and looking for inspiration. They changed my life!

About the Author:

Jennifer Joplin explores the world and enjoys the perks of travel. She is a freelance writers for help.plagtracker and dreams to write books.