4 Fun Photography Apps

Almost everyone loves to take awesome pictures on their phones while traveling. Admit it, you love posting vacation photos to Instagram to make your friends jealous they’re still at home while you’re traveling. These 4 photography apps will make taking pictures on your next trip even better, and much more fun. Edit, crop, and caption your photos with these fun apps!

1. Piction ($.99):

With Piction, you can easily add captions to your pictures in a variety of different fonts, including custom ones. You can write whatever you want, and you can choose from more than 40 powerful fonts (or combine them). The app features black and white text colors to make words stand out, and add multiple layers of text.

2. Krop Circle (free): 

This free app allows you to crop images into circles as shown below. However, if you purchase the upgraded version of the app for $.99, you get plenty of more shapes such as animals, hearts, and lightening bolts.

3. 1 Second Everyday ($.99): 

This app is extremely cool! Shoot one second of video for each day of your life and then compile videos for each month, year, or any other custom length of time you choose. Then you can see your life unfold in front of your eyes! The end result of this app is truly amazing and can help you preserve some awesome memories.

4. Photosynth (free): 

Although the iPhone camera allows users to take panoramic shots, this app actually allows you to take several photos so you can stitch them together to create one beautiful picture! The app actually takes the photo for you once you’ve lined up the camera lens properly, making it easy for anyone to use.