Winter Airport Parking Car Health & Safety Tips

Cabin fever can be a pretty serious condition. Sometimes the only cure for cabin fever is a nice long trip to somewhere sunny and warm, far away from the snow. But when you take an extended vacation, it’s easy to forget important details. If you plan to leave your car in long term airport parking, there are several important steps to take to ensure its working properly when you return.

All you need is a few minutes of preparation in order to prevent a car-related headache when you get back. Here are some important winter airport car health and safety tips:

Check your tires

Make sure your tires are inflated all the way. No matter how tiny the leak is, it’s still a leak. The longer you’re away, the flatter your tire will get. Having to change a tire in the dead of winter is enough to turn anyone into a Grinch. Also, check the treads on your tires – even if your car isn’t being driven, sitting on a weak spot can strain the tire even further, possibly causing a flat on your way home.

Unplug everything

Unplug any cell phone chargers or laptop chargers (or any type of charger for that matter). The trickle draw on your battery, like a slow leak of air from your tire, can be enough to drain your battery completely. If you want to be especially careful, you can even disconnect your car battery – it only takes a moment to reconnect later.

Remove all valuables

Remove anything that looks remotely valuable. That means electronics, jewelry, and of course, cash. The promising sight of a single dollar bill is enough to tempt a thief into breaking into your car. And remove anything with your personal information on it. Identity thieves find that just as valuable as cold hard cash.

Keep an ice scraper

Most people who live in wintery climates have an ice scraper in the car, but double check to make sure you have one anyway. Coming back to a car encased in ice with no way to clean it off is no fun at all.

Remember where you parked!

This seems like a no-brainer, but make sure you write down where you parked your car. Wandering around for an hour after a long flight home is not particularly fun.

Remember, just like most things, a little bit of preparation can ensure you don’t have any problems when you return. Not having to change a tire in the dead of winter is worth it.

About the Author

Julie Perrigan is a lover of travel and experiencing new things all around the globe.  When she is not out exploring, she enjoys working in the travel industry for The Parking Spot , a leading provider of airport parking.