Where you wish you were celebrating New Year’s Eve!

Are you dying to break from your usual Hum-Dum life and are looking forward to a celebrating New Year’s eve with your friends and family. Well, if you have the time and funds to plan a quick vacation, don’t forget to consider the following locations to ring in the new year.

Best Destinations for Welcoming 2014

Los Angeles

The cohesive metropolis of Los Angeles may not boast fabulous outdoor adventures but, it is certainly popular for its balmy weather, energetic lifestyle and beautiful people. Every year, several businessmen from different parts of the world visit L.A. to enjoy a Euro-style party on New Year’s Eve. They dance the night away to the beats of local clubs and attend glam house parties, fetes and late night get-togethers at celeb-heavy hotels, stylish pubs, dance clubs and casinos.

Visitors are invited to ring in 2014 at annual Rose Parade in posh Pasadena and Las Palmas Block Party. Still, if you can spare some time on the last day of the year, you can visit the gorgeous Walk of Fame to attend Cleopatra’s NYE 2014 Ball—an event organised by the world-popular Egyptian Theatre.

Abu Dhabi

Although the natives from this UAE Capital aren’t of drinking-and-dancing-on-the-streets type yet, you can celebrate a scandalous and exciting New Year’s Eve in the sandy outskirts of Arab country. Local tourism companies like Emirates Adventures arrange desert safaris and city tours of enthusiastic vacationers.

The guides escort eager travellers to conventional campsites furnished with barbecue dinners, family buffets, alcohol bars, mysterious Arabian music and belly dancers. If you’re amongst the adventurous types, you can ride quad bikes on rough terrain or enjoy late night drinks and dance at high-profile clubs.


Parisians host a family dinner for their loved ones on the year end. You can utilise this opportunity to visit popular bars like Le Cafe Arrose or Le Soleil de la Butte, located in the romantic Montmartre area. Toast the natives at midnight and head over to Pigalle where you can witness neon lights as they hit the streets.
If you’re a hard core party animal, you can mingle up with the crowds of drunken street dancers and move to wild nightclubs that will keep things ricking until dawn. Want some peace? Escape to Scare Coeur and simply look up to the dazzling star-lit sky and admire the entire cityscape.


You may join the Australians to bid farewell to 2013. Welcome 2014 with full confidence and look for a good vantage point on the streets where you can easily witness street celebrations. This stunning city organizes fabulous fireworks, bang-on street entertainment and fabulous dance shows near the Harbour.
Cruises are common and popular. Moreover, there are Champagne parties, wild dancing and fireworks at the Opera House, Garden Oasis as well as Harbour Bridge. You can ride the Ferris wheel or Wild Mouse Rollercoaster at Luna Park and dance wildly on the beats of Electronic Dance Music Arts. When you’re tired of all this action, just join the Harbour of Light Parade and convoy across the harbour in your candle-lit boats.

Other Options

Want more fun and hotness? Simply check out Las Vegas, Berlin, Quebec City, Walt Disney World, Miami, New Orleans, San Antonio and Boston to enjoy similar experiences. You won’t feel disappointed, once you visit these awe-inspiring destinations.

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