Remainders: ‘Party Train’ loses steam, the REAL Instagram & Travel schadenfreude

Here’s this week’s remainders of our favorite travel press and blog posts of the week.

  • The ‘Party Train’ loses steam. The adult-only proposed party train from SoCal to Las Vegas looks like it won’t find funding. The Aces Train just got a friend in the gambling train graveyard. From Skift (link)
  • The REAL Instagram. Remember life before Instagram filters? How did we ever apply filters to photos? Fevered Mutterings rose to the challenged with a few starter photos with real life filters like shade rocks and rainy days. (link)
  • Travel schadenfreude is easy! Having a bad trip? This list of bad of travel moments in film can help lift your spirits without being a bad person. Travel schadenfreude is real. From CNN (link)