6 Best Places For Hot Chocolate In The US

As the winter months approach and the weather gets colder and colder, staying warm is becoming a priority. There’s no better way to beat the cold than with a rich, tasty cup of hot chocolate. Cafe’s and chocolatiers across the country have been putting their own spin on hot chocolate to make it even better! Check out where you can get a delicious cup of this beverage!

Here are the 6 best places for hot chocolate in America.

1. The Little Nell – Aspen, Colorado: 

Whether you’re finishing up a day of skiing or just need to warm up with a nice up of cocoa, Aspen’s The Little Nell serves some of the best in the country! Pastry Chef Danielle Riesz’s recipe includes Trudelia chocolate, extra strong cocoa powder, and a pinch of salt. This cup of hot chocolate is typically served with house-made marshmallows, and adults can even add a shot of their favorite liquor!

2. Compartes Chocolatier – Los Angeles, California: 

This shop was visited frequently by Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, so you know it has to be good! Known as some of the country’s best hot chocolate, the chocolatier Jonathan Grahm makes his signature blend by using Tahitian vanilla bean and cinnamon.

3. Chocolopolis – Seattle, Washington: 

The name says it all. Chocolate lovers will be in heaven at this chocolate shop! Chocolopolis offers a variety of drinking chocolates served with house-made vanilla marshmallows. Visitors can also purchase any chocolate bar, and the store will make it into a cup of drinking chocolate.

4. Serendipity 3 – New York, New York: 

At this amazing place, customers can get their hot chocolate warm or frozen. The restaurant’s signature “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” is popular even when it’s cold out. However, if you’re too cold for a frozen drink and need to warm up, the “Mochaccino” blends rich hot chocolate with espresso! The “Serendipitous Hot Chocolate” is another popular choice, which includes grated orange cinnamon and French chocolate.

5. Caffe Vittoria – Boston, Massachusetts: 

This Italian cafe is famous for its “Cioccolatto Caldo,” which is a thick and creamy hot chocolate with whipped cream on the top. The cafe also offers a “Cafe Corretto” which includes a shot of espresso and hot chocolate. If you’re ever in Boston, this is the place to be for hot chocolate!

6. Katherine Anne Confections – Chicago, Illinois: 

Chicago winters can get pretty chilly, so stop in at Katherine Anne Confections for a warm cup of hot chocolate. The chocolate shop features eight different varieties of hot cocoa and serves it with house-made big, fluffy marshmallows. There are different-flavored marshmallows, including salted caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla-black pepper.

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