Top 3 Scariest Destinations For Halloween

Halloween is more than a costume or trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It’s about giving into fright fever, from eerie decorations to horror movie nights. Travelers and adventurers push the craze a little further to visit haunted houses, abandoned prisons, decrepit theme parks, and more. If you are a chill-seeker looking for an exciting travel, we have 3 of the scariest destinations in the country for you to visit this halloween.

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor

Ahoy! If you are near Long Beach on Halloween, you do not have to be a sailor to enjoy a frightening time aboard the Queen Mary. The 12-deck-ship has everything: from terrifying mazes to live music in the “Dome of Doom” dancehall to food and drinks. Watch the scariest spirits rise to reclaim their ships and meet the sassy “Voodoo Priestess”. No matter what, you will love spending time in the Dark Harbor.

Bates Motel

1408, Vacancy, and a number of horror movies are set in hotels. Bates Motel recreates their gruesome atmosphere to perfection. The interior combines the spookiest lightings with top-notched special effects. But the highlights of the stay here are the mindblowing corn maze and the 20-minute hay ride. Just hope it does not take you to your final destination.

Fright Factory

Philadelphia’s Fright Factory has an accurate name: it is a complex with 3 spooky attractions: the Asylum, Horror High, and Village of the Damned. Be ready for the thrill of your life.

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