Miami Nightlife

In Miami, when the sun goes down, things really start to heat up. From rooftop lounges to underground clubs, Miami is the perfect place for a fun getaway with your friends. If you’ve never experienced Miami nightlife before, here is your guide to make sure you have the best time!

1. LIV: 

Located in the Fontainebleau Resort, LIV nightclub is one of the most famous clubs in Miami. Tons of celebrity sightings have happened at LIV because of its amazing lighting equipment, top-notch DJs and different floors with VIP cabanas around the club. Feel free to grab a drink at the Fontainebleau bar inside the lobby, which is also a popular place to hang out with friends and drink if you don’t enjoy the club scene as much.

2. Mansion: 

Located on the famous Washington Avenue, Mansion was opened by a GQ model who wanted his establishment to be a destination for glamorous VIP people including photographers, models, and fashionistas. If you like great music, amazing drinks, famous DJs and entertaining dancers, then you’ll enjoy yourself at Mansion nightclub.

3. Arkadia: 

Arkadia is a neighbor of LIV, also located in the Fontainebleau Resort. This resort is a prestige resort, so any club or restaurant inside of it is known to not disappoint its customers. Arkadia is downstairs from the majestic lobby, smaller than LIV. It’s size, however, does not stop crowds of people from dancing and drinking there until the sun comes up!

4. Bamboo: 

Also located on Washington Ave, this club offers one of the best nightclub experiences in Miami. There are crystal chandeliers and Buddha statues placed around the entire club, making it look modern and of high status. Plenty of famous DJs spin each night throughout the week while dancers entertain the crowd. The five-star scene attracts all kinds of different people including celebrities, locals, and tourists. This club is sure to please any club-goers.

5. Mango’s Tropical Cafe: 

If you like non-stop live entertainment, you will love this place. It’s a club and restaurant that features one of the longest Cabaret shows in the country. Each room has a different theme, including The Mojito Room, The Vodou Room, and the Mermaid Bar in the Jungle Room. Mango’s also offers lunch, where you can enjoy live Reggae and Latin music while you eat!

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