How technology has helped the tourism Industry

Ranging from household management to business development and from the educational tutorials to the voting system, technology has a huge impact on every aspect of life. Since the last two decades, expertise has made its vital impact on the travel and tourism business, having a perfect know-how infrastructure has become vital for the tourism industry. However, this development assisted businesses to lessen manual tasks, minimize overall operational cost, raise operational efficiency and reach target market with less time and cost. Here, we have discussed how modern skill has assisted the business of tourism to expand in the recent times.

Global Distribution System

Online tour business mostly depends on the Global Distribution System. Earlier, the Computer Reservation System store and retrieve essential information and accomplish tour correlated transactions; this was initially developed by the airlines to make tasks fast and easy but as the system became very much successful, hospitality and the tourism industry also began to adopt this system. The functionality of original Computer Reservation System has been comprehensive and gave birth to modern Global Distribution System. This global system interrelate hotels, airlines, car rental and tour agent companies and the cruise liners. The four chief GDS are Galileo, Amadeus, World span and Sabre, having a share of 30%, 31%, 12% and 26% respectively.

Internet Booking Engine

Another most vital contribution of science to tourism, hospitality and tourism business is Internet booking engine, also known as IBE. In simple words, it is online reservation system that assists airlines, hotels, car rental firms and tourism agents along with cruise liners to lessen the hassle associated with tickets in the manual system. This kind of booking engine includes info like availability details, list of prices, reduction and special deal and offers. The customers can view the ticket directly along with the availability details through IBE. While this system helps in saving money and time of the customers, it also assists corporate for maintaining their consumer details, which can be later on used for the marketing purposes and to provide loyalty advantages to regular consumers of their trade.

Property Management System

As the name indicates, Property Management System is utilized for managing the day to day processes associated with the managing large properties. A property management system can handle vital functions like front office operations, reservations, some vital back office functions and managerial operations. Most of the hotels utilize this system to handle accounts of different departments. In this particular system, different departments are interrelated with a single serve network that serves end users like receptionists, managers and hotel staff. Travel technology firms develop such types of systems for their customers in order to handle the unique needs of their business.

Geographic Information System

The hospitality and tourism industries are not just beneficiaries of the technological advancements; modern travelers are much dependent on tech tools. Geographic Information System has enabled the travellers to discover remotest corners all around the globe. Basically, GIS is a database that stores different data of a particular place and is associated with the digital map.

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