The Best Labor Day Weekend Getaways

Do you have any plans for Labor Day Weekend? Unfortunately, the summer is fading away and it’s one of the last weekends you can use for a vacation before going back to school and work. Check out these great places for perfect Labor Day Weekend Getaways!

1. Las Vegas:

Sin City is the best place to go crazy for the three-day weekend. Head down to one of the hotels such as Caesars Palace for great restaurants, activities, and hotel rooms. Be sure to check out the Venus Pool Club–part of Caesar’s amazing Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis area!

2. New York City:

What better place to celebrate the weekend than in the big apple? There’s always tons of things you can do. If you want to relax, you can hang out in Central Park. Or you can go to one of the many restaurants the city is known for! The possibilities are endless.

3. San Francisco:

From shopping on Pier 39 to exploring the Hearst castle and the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is a great choice for your Labor Day Weekend celebrations. There is plenty to do and see in the three days you have to explore.

4. Orlando:

Why not take some time to travel to the sunshine state? You can enjoy rejuvenating spas, musical performances, and of course Disney World!

5. Boston:

Besides the obvious reasons for picking Boston as a great choice for Labor Day, it also ushers a whole new breed of attractions on this particular weekend, such as the Boston Labor Day fireworks!

What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend? Comment below or tweet us @travefy!

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