Best Burgers around the World

When you’re traveling around the world, it’s great to try the local cuisine of the country you’re visiting. But sometimes, you just want some great American food, for instance, a burger. Explore the best burgers around the world!

1. Agadir Burger, Israel: 

This burger place is a national chain and started as a stand in Tel Aviv nearly 15 years ago. Agadir only servers four kinds of burgers, available in four different sizes: plain, mushroom-based veggie, chichi entrecôte and the Diana, a beef and lamb burger with aioli, tomato, spring onion and pickled lemon.

2. Hamborgarafabrikkan, Reykjavik, Iceland: 

This burger joint is known for the clever names of its burgers, and of course, how delicious they taste. Hamborgarafabrikkan means “hamburger factory,” named because there are 15 different varieties of burgers on the menu.

3. The Holyrood 9A, Edinburgh: 

This place features 20 different burgers, including three made from chicken, three veggie, ten beef, and four alternative served on homemade sourdough buns.

4. Restaurant L’Anecdote, Montreal: 

Located in the city’s trendy Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood, this restaurant is designed to look like a diner from the 1950s. The menu consists of six different burgers. Locals tend to enjoy the home-blended condiments like the spicy herbed mayo.

5. Royale Eatery, Cape Town, Africa: 

This restaurant started as a ten-table operation, and is now a three-floor empire that serves 50 different kinds of burgers. Vegetarians have 11 options to choose from. The signature burger is the Wagyu, which is a Wagyu-Angus cross served with Citizen beer–soaked pickled onions on a pretzel roll.

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gigabitingj says:

Serious Eats also has a new map of the most iconic burger from each of the 50 states:

Not from Hamborgarafabrikkan, but “jam” burgers from other places in Iceland – basically a burger with cheese and jam. Also available as in pizza form! Yum!

Christine R. says:

My favourite burger is at In-N-Out Burger and even prefer that to the fancy burgers in restaurants! I wrote a review here. There is also Hogs Breath Cafe in Australia that made delicious burgers 🙂