5 Signs You’re a Terrible Traveler

We all know that one person on the plane carrying one too many bags, talking way too loudly, disrupting everyone around them, and holding up all of the lines. Don’t let that person be you! Explore these 5 signs you’re a terrible traveler.

1. You didn’t make a packing list.

If you’re running around the night before you leave for your trip not knowing what to pack or worrying you’re forgetting something, you’re doing something wrong! You should always make a list of everything you need in advance, so you’re not stressing out the day of your trip. Check out some packing tips here.

2. You don’t do your research.

Do you check what the weather will be like before you leave for your trip? Do you know where any of the good restaurants are and what you can do for fun there? What type of currency does the country you’re going to use? These are things you might want to check out before you get on the plane! It’s fine to be spontaneous or adventurous, but being unprepared is a totally different story.

3. Your bags are overweight.

You should always weigh your bags before you leave for the airport. Otherwise, you’ll hold up the check-in line, and you might end up having to pay a hefty fine.

4. You’re cutting it close. 

Today, with all of the security we need to go through at the airport, it is a smart idea to leave a couple of hours earlier than the flight departure time. You won’t know how crowded the airport is until you get there, or if any problems will occur, so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

5. You spend your whole trip on your phone.

Vacation is a time to relax! Don’t worry about work, school, or updating your Facebook status. Everything will still be there when you get back. So when you’re away, don’t stress about the deadlines waiting for you at home, and just have fun.