Conquer Your Fear of Flying

Are you afraid of flying? You’re not alone! About one out of three people are scared of flying. Many of these people make up excuses for not getting on a plane, such as it costs too much or they don’t have time, when in reality they are just afraid. Don’t be someone who misses out on traveling to amazing places just because you’re scared.

Don’t let anything stop you from taking the vacation you want and deserve! Follow these simple tips for conquer your fear of flying.

Think about the destination, not the journey. 

Don’t think about how long the flight is, and definitely don’t think about that movie you watched last week that involved a plane crash. If you focus on where you’re going to be when you get off the plane, you’ll feel much better!

Get informed. 

Find out why flying is actually safe. The more you know about flying, the less afraid and concerned you’ll be. You don’t have to become an expert, but if you know the basics about how a plane stays in the air and what causes turbulence, you will definitely feel much safer. Even though you don’t physically have control of the plane, you’ll have control over your mind!

Talk to the crew. 

The cabin crew are all trained to help and support fearful flyers. They can talk to you or bring you whatever you may need to feel more relaxed.

Plan ahead. 

If you plan ahead for your flight, you’ll feel calm and relaxed. Keep yourself occupied: bring a book to read, music to listen to, or even work to do on your laptop or tablet. Keeping yourself busy will help make the time go faster, and you’ll be so into whatever you’re doing, you’ll forget you’re even on a plane!


It might be hard to fall asleep with all of that anxiety building up, but it will definitely make the flight go by faster. If you need to, you can see a doctor about a sedative, such as Xanax, and he or she can tell you the correct dosage you need.

How do you stay calm during a flight? Share your thoughts by commenting below or tweet us at @travefy!

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