What would you do for more vacations?

This was the question asked by a recent survey to workers in America’s 10 largest cities. Half of respondents claimed that they would sacrifice workplace benefits in order to receive more paid time off.

Vacation DrinkPhoto Credit: by Nathan Meijer via photopin (cc)

More specifically, more than 10% of all employees would choose more vacation time over a higher salary or a promotion. Nearly 17% of workers would forgo an annual bonus in exchange for more days off. 10% of those surveyed would decline a 401(k) match in exchange for more vacation time and 25% would give up a private office for more paid time off.

Read more: http://smallbusiness.foxbusiness.com/legal-hr/2012/07/25/what-workers-would-trade-for-more-vacation-time/#ixzz21eg4QOsl

Does this seem drastic to you? Would you sacrifice a higher salary for more vacations? Let us know @travefy.


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