Vacationing ‘Au Naturale’. You guide to nude beaches.

Are you and your friends looking to avoid tan lines on your next beach vacation? The Huffington Post thinks you are, which is why they recently released a list of the 5 best places to “vacation in your birthday suit.”

This list came in response to a recent survey in which 27% of vacationers surveyed claimed that if they could do one crazy thing on their vacation, it would be skinny-dipping. So, without further ado, meet five great locations at which you can vacation in the nude without breaking the bank. Here’s your guide to the best places for nude beaches.

1. Dominican Republic

2. Cozumel

3. Cancun

4. Kauai

5. Barbados

You can read more about these locations here. What do you think? Would you skinny-dip or is there something crazier you would want to try? Let us know @travefy.