Tips to make the most of the Olympics!

Are you heading to the Olympics this year? If so, there are several things you can count on – fun, excitement, and amazing competition, but also an overcrowded city.

Don’t be worried! Rediff has provided key travel tips for London:

  • Transportation: “To get around effectively during the Olympic season, make sure you have two things — an Oyster card and comfortable walking shoes.”
  • Money: “Spread your money to avoid being pick pocketed”
  • Weather: “Britain has a maritime climate, so it is not unusual for the weather to change from that of sunshine to a heavy downpour within minutes — even in summer…The basic key to dealing with this weather volatility is simply to pack clothes that will allow you to either add or remove layers through the day.”
  • Free Stuff: “There will be a number of Olympic events that are free to watch along the streets of London, including road cycling, triathlon, marathon, race walking, as well as the ranking rounds of archery.”
  • Alternate Activities: “…head to some of the city’s lesser-visited but equally interesting museums, like the Imperial War Museum, which features exhibitions on conflicts from the First World War to today, or the Fashion and Textile Museum, where you can learn more about how international and British fashion has evolved from the 1950s to present day.”

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