What about Fido? Travel tips for pet owners

Traveling with friends is a blast. It can also have its downsides, especially when you have an animal at home who can’t join you on your adventure. Leaving your beloved pet behind may be painful, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are a few tips for those looking to leave their pets well-cared-for while they enjoy their vacations. Stress no more pet owners!

1. Ask a friend or neighbor. 

It’s generally best to leave an animal in a familiar environment. If you have a relatively low-maintenance pet, such as a cat, rodent, or bird, ask someone you trust to check in on the pet once or twice a day to change food and water and give them some love and affection. Bringing this person back a present from your trip is also generally cheaper than paying for an outside service.

2. Hire a service or house-sitter. 

For animals that need more attention, such as dogs or an aging pet, try finding a house sitter or another such pet service. TrustedHousesitters, for example, is a great resource for a traveling animal lover. Or, when in doubt, you can always call your veterinarian, who will always have trusted names and numbers on file to recommend.

While you are gone, your pet may miss you (and you him), but just imagine how happy he will be when you return relaxed and bearing presents from your trip!