4 Content Marketing Ideas for Tour Operators

Travel marketers are not just selling trips abroad – they’re selling dreams, adventure, and memories. But travel trends change rapidly, and this can prove tricky when it comes to marketing your professional travel or tour operation service. Managing content, handling inquiries, social media and customer relations will all begin to burn a hole in your […]

OTAs a Boon or Bane for the Hospitality Sector? 8 Hacks How Hotels Can Optimize Direct Bookings

Hoteliers often regard Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) as competitors for the direct online booking business. This happens not only because it is far more profitable if guests booked direct but more importantly it saves the hotels an absolute fortune in commissions charges. Whilst OTAs have the marketing monetary means to ensure strong online presence, most hotels […]

The World of Millennial Travel (With Infographic)

The world has changed substantially in recent years solely as a result of the influence of one huge factor and that is the Internet. Advances in technology now mean that people literally have the world at their fingertips and those who have been born into this flux of change are now growing up using that […]

The Biggest Sale of the Year Is Here!

This Black Friday, we’re doing it big… 40% off Travefy Professional subscriptions! Score 40% off a Starter or Plus annual subscription or 40% off 3 months of a Starter or Plus monthly subscription. New to Travefy Professional? Travefy Professional is a travel agent, planner, and advisor’s best friend when it comes to itinerary and quote building! With […]

Free Online Resources Every Travel Professional Should Use

Who doesn’t love a free resource that will help make your business run a little bit smoother? We compiled a list of some of our favorite tools that are completely free to use! From beautiful stock images to use on your website and client itineraries to marketing tools that will take your SEO to the […]

Travefy Professional Success Story: Gravitate Travel

Travefy Professional is a software tool built for travel professionals to collaborate and create beautifully-branded quotes and itineraries for their clients. At Travefy, we love to hear how the software has brought success to travel businesses around the world. Below is Scott Waldron’s story, founder of Gravitate Travel. With over 30+ countries visited, Scott Waldron, founder […]

How to Create a Quote on Travefy (with Free Quote Copy Download)

With Travefy Professional, all users can build itineraries and share them with clients but did you know that you can also build client quotes and proposals? We’ll show you how! We have also created a trip quote copy that you can download to your own Travefy account found below. How to Create a Quote or […]

The Power of Local Knowledge in the Mountians

If you ski, snowboard, hike or climb in the mountains, or if you’ve ever wanted to. This could change the way you do it forever. Local knowledge. We’re not talking about between the pages of your glossy guidebook, regardless of which mountaineering-megastar wrote it. We’re talking about picking the brains of the people around you, […]

How to Make Your Travel Business Better in Every Area

As the title suggests, you’re probably wondering what the magic trick is to make every area of your business better. Well, lucky for you, it’s not a magic trick! It’s one simple tool: software. In today’s modern world, there’s just about a software tool for anything and everything. Want to improve your employee’s work life? […]

Everything You Need to Know About the New Trip Plans App on Travefy Pro

We’ve been so excited to share the new Trip Plans app with all Travefy Professional Plus and Premium users! We’ve heard amazing feedback on how it has helped connect clients with their itineraries quicker and seamlessly. Since it has launched, we added another game-changing layer to make it even better; the ability to communicate with your client. Here’s […]

Travefy Professional Success Story: Nomad America Adventures

We love what we do at Travefy and want to know what we love even more? Hearing the success stories that Travefy has brought travel businesses all over the world. We couldn’t help but share the amazing stories with you so we are putting together a success story series to share how other travel professionals […]